The best Socical Media 2013

The best  Socical Media 2013
1.    Google +:  Is a fun way to shared content on the web with family and friends.  In Google + not all share content are do follow. In order, for your content to become a do follow you must click the icon “Share What’s New” section, then add a link in this section and it will become a do follow.  The content you share or the links you insert in comments on Google + are no follow.
 2.    Pinterest: The pinning social network where you go to discover and collect items you love is a great tool to use for your business. Pinterest does let you place a link of your site in your profile which is a do follow
3.    YouTube: Many people make the mistake to place a link on the description part of their video and assume is a do follow link. The link below your description is a great way to drive free traffic to your website or services. In order to get a do follow link you must place your link on YouTube channel header.
 4.    Hub Pages:  To be able to have a do follow link on Hub Pages you must meet their requirements. When using Hub Pages you must gain a score of 75  in order to add do follow links.
 5.    Blogspot: Create your free blog using blogspot. The popular blogger platform lets you create links that are do follow on your post.
 6.    Tumblr:  Any link you share on Tumblr using the link button becomes a do follow link.
 7.    Reddit: is a social news platform that allows you to share content through a link or text. The site allows you to bookmark about any type of content such as images, videos, and etc. All links place on Reddit are do follow.
 8.    Biz Sugar: Is a great social media platform that allows you to share small business news and tips. Biz Sugar concentrates around topic of entrepreneurship.  The links you add on your content is do follow.
Here are some additional social bookmarking sites with do follow links:
 9. Digg
10. Propeller
11. Flickr
12. Tagza
13. Ikeepbookmarks
14. LinkedIn
15. Kirstsy
16. Murl
17. Youdoze
18. Current
19. Poston Fire
20. Buddy Marks
21. BookMax
22. Blogging Zone
23. CoRank
24. Technorati
25. Site Jot
26. Oyax
27. My Blog Log
28. LinkaGoGo
29. Bumpzee
30. Bookmark Golden
31. Bookmark 4 You
32. Bukmark
33. Bibsonomy
34. Indo Feed
35. My Link Vault

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